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About Me

- I learned table tennis at age 30, roller skating at 40, and mountain skiing at 50 (guess what I will learn at age 60?)
- I consulted and worked for six Fortune 500 Companies, two State Governments and many private clients.
- I discovered an additional pattern in one of my statistics poems after it was published.
- I invented Model Ranking Index (MRI) for evaluating models, Divide_ANd_Ensemble (DANE) Algorithm to tackle ML challenges, and many other data science tools.

My Work

As founder of PLUSTAT Consulting, I have been helping many clients succeed with my expertises in data science, statistics expert court testimony, sampling design, analytics data solutions, forecasting, model design, model development, and model validation. With a solid academic background and open mind, I have served as an analytics & data science leader for several Fortune 500 companies (such as Amazon, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Boeing). I have created and patented multiple data science tools that provide practical solutions to business.


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